Reaching Out to North Penn Alumni

When we have left familiar ways, with friends have had to part; and school days are a mem'ry deep in each separate heart; then we shall think of North Penn High..

Reaching Out to North Penn Alumni

Dear Alumni,

As Principal of the North Penn High School (NPHS), I am very excited about this first edition of The Knightly News. A school the size of North Penn High School, with its tens of thousands of graduates, should have an organized way of sharing news about alumni and celebrating their accomplishments.

This e-newsletter is the school district’s first step in better communicating with you and our entire alumni base.  Other steps will include working with Harris Connect to update the Alumni Directory which was last published in 2006. Not only will this directory help you connect with your former classmates and friends, but it will enable North Penn School District (NPSD) to better communicate with you as well.

In the future, NPSD hopes to establish an alumni organization and events which our graduates will want to attend. Whether you graduated in the 50’s, 60’s or any other decade after that, we want to create a reason for you to share in the glory that NPHS was in your time and still is today.

I look forward to this exciting endeavor.

Burton T. Hynes
Principal, NPHS

  1. Bj Opdyke10-09-2012

    Great idea! I live far away now but it’s nice to see what is going on back there!

  2. Roy Riegel10-09-2012

    Great Idea!
    This is Roy Riegel: I taught Physics and Astronomy at N.P.H.S. from ’70 to ’77, and was co-class Advisor (With Steve fredericks) to the class of ’73 (who are coming up on their 40th!!!!! reunion shortly).
    Living and working in Phoenix, Az.
    Best to all at a Great School in a Great Community!

  3. Jodi Beatty Jones10-09-2012

    I live in Pittsburgh now, so this is pretty cool.
    It’s nice to see a familiar face after all these years!
    Class of 1987

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