Alumni Spotlight: Phil Hunt ’73

When we have left familiar ways, with friends have had to part; and school days are a mem'ry deep in each separate heart; then we shall think of North Penn High..

Alumni Spotlight: Phil Hunt ’73

It’s always important to remember, and honor, your roots.

North Penn alumnus Phil Hunt, class of ’73, and General Manager of WNPV AM 1440 radio station in Lansdale, gives back to the North Penn community through his involvement with the North Penn Alumni Association.


With an alumni network of over 40,000 knights and maidens, North Penn School District has a notably impressive alumni community. Hunt, a member of the Alumni Association Planning Committee, hopes to unite current NPSD students with graduates all across the country.


“On the committee, we look at the different ideas and avenues to get the Alumni Association’s name out in front of the graduates. Whether it’s participating in reunions, or whether it’s participating in graduation, it’s all in an effort to grass root the organization from small to hopefully big in the future,” Hunt said.


Given the size of North Penn High School alone, Hunt recognizes the need to connect students with alumni.


“There’s this untapped resource that could be available to North Penn students in the future, that resource being alumni. Whether it’s participating in career fairs, or having a graduate come back to speak to specific classes, it can only grow. The ultimate idea is that if we can hook-up students of today with graduates, then it’s going to be a win-win for everybody,” Hunt said.


As a student at North Penn High School, Hunt participated in the Career Study program in the then brand new NPTV studio. He got the “media-broadcasting bug” that he pursued in college, and has since been working at WNPV for over 38 years.


“My favorite part of my job is the interaction that the radio station has with the community. For example, we had people work all night during the primary election to give our listeners and the people who cared enough to want to know who won the election, thus who will be running for office in the fall,” Hunt said.


As a media pioneer in our community and a dedicated NP alumnus, Hunt stressed the value of a North Penn education.


“It’s so important to not forget where you come from. Once graduates move onto college or get out into the work place, they’ll realize that they had an excellent education and excellent opportunities at North Penn. They may not realize it as they’re students in high school today, but when they get out and have an opportunity to reflect back, they’ll realize that they truly were at one of the finest high schools and one of the best school districts in the country,” Hunt said.


Check out WNPV AM Radio 1440 here.