Alumni Spotlight – North Penn High School Staff

When we have left familiar ways, with friends have had to part; and school days are a mem'ry deep in each separate heart; then we shall think of North Penn High..

Alumni Spotlight – North Penn High School Staff

Each issue will highlight an alumni or group of alumni for their dedication and support of North Penn and our community.

This month, we highlight the teachers and staff at North Penn High School who not only graduated from the high school, but are now part of the school’s staff. There are currently over 50 alumni working at the high school, and graduates range from the Class of 1958 to the Class of 2006.

NPHS Staff AlumniBack Row (Left to Right)
Jason Bowers ‘03, Dwight Homan ‘85, Bob Gillmer ‘89, Kevin Manero ‘97, Bill Bartle ‘78, Lori (Doherty) Mancino ‘77, Judy McGuriman ‘81, Lisa Krzemien ‘79, Brian Faikish ‘89, Todd Gibson ‘03
Third Row
Mike Boyer ‘92, Andy Baker ‘05, Donna  (Shupe) Bondi ‘83, Barb (Dell) Barnitz ‘78, Trish (Thomas) Pike ‘91, Rob Shettsline ‘82, Dale Wittmer ‘71, Summer (Hagey) Sieller ‘01, Dominic Calamia ‘06, Mike Rio ‘06, Denise (Barton) Leach ‘83, Selma (Bjorklund) Robinson ‘75
Second Row
Ed Bovell Jr. ’90, Mike Voicheck ‘98, Joelle Townsend ‘86, Joanne Watkeys ‘91, Robin (Williams) Miller ‘90, Carol (Kleinman) Harrison ‘72, Danielle O’Reilly ‘05, Lisa (Rocher) Wright ‘83, Michelle (Barton) Darde ‘85, Mike Hertz ‘03, Christine (Williams) McCreary ‘87
First Row
Ken Kratz ‘73, Dave Kim ‘94, Donald Ryan ‘58, Sue McCarty, Kim Schunke ‘93, Nancy (Madden) Craig ‘72, Ginny Ward ‘74, Shaleen Manning ‘89, Beth Sinnott ‘80, Elizabeth (McConnell) Weizer ‘00, Tori Young ‘92

Tracy Norbeck, Becky Spalding, Jesse (Gallo) Klause ’73, Charles Feldi ’69, Elaine Kelly ’58, Shirley Kleckner, Carol Livingston ‘75

Linda Hallman-Law ‘71, Kevin Manero ’97, Lori (Doherty) Mancino ’77, Carol Stauffer, Kyle Berger ‘99

Not Pictured: Sharon (Delaney) Woods ’71, Karen (DeFrancesco) McDermott ’74, Rhonda (Hespell) Diliberto ’74, Michelle (Thompson) Gross ’82, Amy (Sheshen) Pouliot ’90, Brian Irvin ’93, Jeff Faikish ’97, Jami Wilus Behm ’98, Chris Doerr ’02 and Robert Turley

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