When we have left familiar ways, with friends have had to part; and school days are a mem'ry deep in each separate heart; then we shall think of North Penn High..

North Penn Alumni Association & the NPSD Educational Foundation:
A Partnership with the Past for the Future

In 2012, the NPSD Educational Foundation, in conjunction with NPSD administration launched the North Penn Alumni Association as a committee of the Foundation. The association’s mission is to encourage networking and communication among North Penn School District alumni and to help maintain and enhance the legacy of North Penn schools for future generations. We hope to see more graduates join us for NPSD and Foundation events, attend reunions and stay informed on the happenings of the district.

We see that NPHS graduates do great things, but what is the most amazing is the pride one takes in saying they are a graduate of North Penn High School. Whether a member of the Class of 2013 or someone who is celebrating their 50th reunion, alumni see North Penn High School as a place that helped to shape them into whom they are today. Although the organization is only in its beginning stages, we are confident that with the support of the community and the 40,000 NPHS graduates, the North Penn Alumni Association with help the Foundation in leaving a lasting effect on our students and North Penn School District.

For more information about the North Penn Alumni Association contact Kaity Andrey at (215) 853-1032 or andreykm@npenn.org.