A Reflection on Senior Year and Graduation

When we have left familiar ways, with friends have had to part; and school days are a mem'ry deep in each separate heart; then we shall think of North Penn High..

A Reflection on Senior Year and Graduation

This article was written by Estefania Maldonado, Class of 2013. Stef will be attending Hofstra University in the fall and majoring in Business.

graduation picFinally, the year we all had been waiting for had arrived: senior year. Besides keeping up with the school work, a part-time job and other miscellaneous tasks, most of us added another To-Do list to our agenda, which included applying for college, committing to college, going to prom and graduating.

Consequently, after the first weeks of school, I started to feel the stress and anxiety that came with the tedious, nerve-wracking task of filling out the various college and Financial Aid applications. But after finally completing all of them, I, happily, checked it off my senior list and moved on to the next task. As I got the many acceptance letters, as well as the many painful rejection letters, in the mail, I made up my mind and chose the college that best fitted my needs. Committing to college: Check! Soon enough, the hallways were full of seniors wearing their college sweatshirts, including myself. Our feelings of satisfaction and happiness after finally knowing where we were going were blatantly written on our faces.

Then came May, and with it, prom. All of us were excited about what dress we were going to buy, what heels would match the dress, and of course, who would be the guy, or girl, that would ask us to prom. Finally as that special day arrived, we all had expectations of how the night would turn out, for me, it was awesome! Even though I had gone to prom in 2011, this year’s prom was way better. Not only because it was my graduating class, but also because of the great venue.

After that night, I realized there was only one thing left in the list: graduation. It was unbelievable how fast this year had gone by, and now, we were just weeks away from graduating. But the closer we got to our last day in school, the more it started to hit us. We were finally leaving the one place we had spent so much time of our lives in. It had almost become a second home for us. Walking everyday to my next class, I started to realize that this would be the last time I was going to roam the hallways of North Penn High School as a student. And as the days went by, the day of Reflections arrived and I was, once again, struck by feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, stirred up by the performances, especially their last song of the amazing, talented students of our class. I still, vividly, remember seeing my friends on stage performing “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, one of my favorite songs, and it almost brought me to tears. That night made me think of all of the people I had met in the past three years and all of the great memories we had made. However, although I knew I would miss everyone and everything, there were also mixed feelings of joy and anticipation for what was and is to come next in my life.

Wednesday, June 19th. That morning seemed like any ordinary day. But at 6:00 pm, everything changed. It was finally happening. We were led outside and into Crawford Stadium, which was overflowing with proud family members and friends of all of the graduates. After sitting down and hearing the moving speeches from our valedictorian, Lijia Xie, our salutatorian, Jeanne Shi, and our Class President, Alexandra Simon, names started to be called out. Then, as my row started to stand and line up to get the diplomas, it dawned on me that all of the hard work had paid off and I was overcome by a great feeling of accomplishment. As I took my diploma, and went back to my seat, I couldn’t help but smile. We, the Class of 2013, had finally graduated.